We've developed another packaging solution for Nailsfrs. Once again, we explored a combination of materials and surface treatment processes, focusing on both the shape and the choice of materials.
NailsFRS is a premier French brand specializing in high-quality nail care products. The packaging solutions for its brand are consistently inspiring, showcasing innovative and out-of-the-box styles.
Intoyou Eyeshadow Palette

Initial impressions matter greatly, with packaging that mesmerizes your customers and holds their gaze. Behold our innovative structural design crafted exclusively for IntoYou.

Fine Labs

Perfect packaging solution for presentation, the magnetic closure is user-friendly, also giving your product a high-end feel.

Vivianas Glam Goddess

Vivianas Glam Goddess specialize in creating stunning and unique nail designs, maintaining nail health.The Red Packaging is just eye catching at the first glance.

Gissah Perfume Co.

Gissah Perfume Co. is a fragrance company dedicated to creating exquisite and captivating perfumes that evoke emotions and reflect individuality.


A natural brand providing organic body oil, it delivers everything green and natural from outside and inside, using 100% bio-degradable materials.

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